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I have the following books in my possession. I would be willing to search through them for you, should you be researching these family surnames. Please indicate the surname and given name of individual(s) you are seeking, as part of an email to:

"The Alwood Family Tree: 3rd Edition", by Helena V. Alwood Stringfellow, 1997

"The Family Alwood", by Terry Klaus, June 1991

"Buchanan, Copeland, Ribble [families]", by Ida Eudora Ribble Duckworth, 1933 (1973 reprinting), by Ida R. Duckworth

"Geitgey in America, 1762-1985: Two Hundred Twenty-Three Years", by Frances Harrsen Geitgey, 1985

"Genealogy of the Lum Family", by Edward H. Lum, 1927

"The Journey across America: The Texas Dentons, 1630-1931", by Cecile Denton Roden, 1985

"Lucas County Iowa Cemetery Records", by Lucas County Genealogical Society, 1981

"McClintock Memorial: Descendents of James (Timothy) McClintock and some related families Lawrence, Ribble, Streit (Stright)", by A. Louise (McClintock) Shelton, 1985

"The Mussey, Muzzey, Muzzy Family, 1633-1975", by Joanne Muzzy Belsey, 1975

"The Family of Johann Jacob Stahl, Sr. of Lehigh County, PA.", by Harriet K. Stahl, 1995

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