Edward A

I received the Summer 2003 issue of The Zeta Ion and read the following short item:

Edward A. Anderson (Spring '62), passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on May 10, 2002. He received his M.S. in Chemistry from the University of Illinois in the 1960's. His wife of 41 years, Mary Pat Anderson, writes that Edward was proud to be a member of the Zeta Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma.

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Jack Berger, upon hearing of Ed's passing, had this recollection:

I remember Ed Anderson, and his wife Mary Pat quite well. I believe that he came from Queens. I recollect one winter break, when we had gone home for Xmas, he casually tossed an invitation to me and Ron Lambert to drop in on his New Year's Eve party. We actually did this, and I remember how bug-eyed he was when we showed up on his doorstep. Despite his surprise, he received us well, and a good time was had by all.

Sorry to have lost a gentleman and a colleague.



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