Edward W

Jack Berger sent a letter to Ed Bromels address, alerting him to our new web site. In response, Jack received the following message from Ed's son, John:

Dear Mr. Berger,

Greetings. My name is John Bromels, and I'm the son of Edward Bromels, to whom you recently sent a letter regarding an ΑΧΣ house e-mail list. I regret to inform you that my father passed away nearly four years ago of a heart attack on February 3, 1997. However, before his death, he shared many happy memories with me about his time in the AXE house. Of course, when I was very young, I had no idea that he was referring to fraternity house letters, so I had visions of him living in a house with axes on the walls.

I'm sure my father would have loved for his biography to have appeared on your web site, and I am writing to ask if you'd consider allowing me to write one myself.

Thank you for your efforts to co-ordinate an e-mail list after so many years. I'm sure my father, may he rest in peace, would have approved wholeheartedly.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. John E. Bromels

A Memory - From Doug Relyea (drdoug@coollink.net)

Ed Bromels - 'The Horse' -- I still have a vivid mental image of a wiry red-haired kid that I threw over my shoulder and carried up two flights of stairs from the basement to his bed (and I have no recollection of what the drinking occasion!) when he was too plastered to maneuver the stairs under his own power, and was obstructing the line formed for dinner. Four decades don't dull the image - he was a treasure we all miss!


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