Chemical Engineering - James W Westwater

We received a letter from Walter, who is not connected to the Internet. But I have constructed this page for him, based on his recent letter.

I received your letter Friday. First, let me confirm that I am indeed the Walter Buehl who lived at Zeta chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma from 1959 to 1961, and left Illinois in 1963 with the Ph.D. requirements completed.

My career path turned out to be simple. I went to work for Corning Glass Works directly from Illinois, and stayed there until I took an early retirement package, which began in January 2002. In the meantime the company name was shortened to just Corning.

Since retiring (as well as before), I have two hobbies. I play flute with the Corning Area Community Concert Band. I also play tournament chess from time to time, and am rated as an expert with the United States Chess Federation.

I worked with computers throughout my career, mostly developing programs to solve process problems that the available software did not, but I never bought a computer of my own before retiring. My old system for dealing with computer problems was to call 4-3000 and ask for help. It doesn't work anymore. I have not yet bought and have no plans to add a modem to connect with the Internet. If you find an Internet address for me, it is most likely the one I had at work before retiring. Any messages you send to that address will not reach me and will hopefully bounce. Therefore, I will not be able to check out the web site at this time.

Yours in the double bond,

Walter M Buehl.

I guess that means that if you wish to contact Walter, you will have to use the snail mail address below.

Walter M Buehl, Jr.
217 E. Fourth Street
Corning, NY 14830


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