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Thomas P. Doherty, Technical Consultant and Technical Editor for the National Textile Center, joined Cunning & Associates, Ltd. in 1993 after a 26-year career in fibers and technology forecasting at DuPont. He earned a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Illinois in 1967 and an A.B. in chemistry in 1962 from the University of Omaha. Tom is also a professional genealogist, historian and futurist specializing in tailored presentations, technological and social trend forecasting, strategic planning and futures research. His home page can be found at Tom Doherty. He would appreciate your comments addressed to his email, see below.

Thomas P. Doherty is a professional genealogical researcher, specializing in Delaware and surrounding counties and editorof the Delaware Genealogical Research Guide (2002). He taught genealogy at the University of Delaware and is immediate past-president of the Delaware Genealogical Society, designs and manages their Web page, manages their Delaware Families 1787-1800 project and their tax transcription project. He is also an independent futurist specializing in technological and social trends and a technical consultant and technical editor for the National Textile Center.

You can view the Xmas cards from Tom and his wife, for 2003, at Xmas card.

Tom Doherty
3321 N Rockfield Dr, Devonshire
Wilmington DE 19810-3238

(302) 478-4758


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