Undergraduate - Chemistry

Marion OíLeary received his bachelorís degree at the University of Illinois and his Ph.D. at M.I.T. He was a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison from 1967 to 1988, Head of the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln from 1989-1996, and Dean of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at Sacramento State University from 1996 to 2006. Since then he has been an Advancement Consultant in the Department of Global Ecology of the Carnegie Institution for Science in Palo Alto, CA. His scientific interests are in biochemistry and plant physiology. He is an internationally-recognized authority on the fractionation of stable isotopes in biological systems.

Marion is an active composer and performing musician. His recent memoir, "Musical Milestones: My Tale of Science and Music" uses both narrative and music to tell how the tension between music and science that existed when he was young gradually evolved to a cooperation that enhanced his life both as a musician and as a scientist. The story is enriched by his third passion: a fascinating variety of friends, mentors, and family. The book is available via his website or from The ebook version is available from Amazon or Apple.

Marion O'Leary
2 Starview Drive
Oakland, CA 94618

(510) 915-6888


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