From 1960 to 1964 a congenial (mostly), fun-loving (always) group of hard-studying chemistry and chemical engineering students lived at the ΑΧΣ fraternity house at the University of Illinois.

This group included the following:
Click on each of the below, underlined brother's name (followed by the year they were initiated into Zeta Chapter, or other chapter if noted) to learn more about him. The names of deceased brothers are in black.

Christopher Allen '65
Edward A Anderson '62
Robert B Bates '60
Weldon K Bell '63
Jack S Berger '62
Edward R Birnbaum '65
Kenneth D Borden '63
Mike T Bowers '63
Edward Bromels '64
Frederick S Brown '63
Paul R Bruggink '63
Walter M Buehl, Jr '60
J W Carmichael '62
Joseph H Carney '64
David R Carter '62
Anton J Carollo '60
Dennis Chamot '65
Stan W Cichanowski '64
Oakley H Crawford '60
Stanley R Crouch '64
Donald J Darensbourg '65
Vernon K Deason '61
Louis DeBacker '62
Harry Dimopoulos '63
Duane D Dobry
Thomas P Doherty '63
Joe Douglas Druliner '63
Eugene Elzy '61
T David Epley '60 Rho
Raymond J Feldt '63
Richard A Fenoglio '61
Charles M Flynn, Jr '63

Hugh Scott Fogler '60
Alessandro Galli '63
Louis C Glasgow '63
Donald Gosselink '63
Larry E Gundersen '63
Haskell V Hart '63
Donald R Hartter '61
Manoutchehr Heidari '61
David W Herlocker '63
William G Hunter '60
David E Hyatt '65
Emil H Isaacson '60
Richard J Johle '61 Beta Theta
Don L Johnson '60
Peter Y Johnson '63
Manley R Johnston '65
Kenneth R Jolls '62
Leonard Kaplan '61
John L Kardos '62
Lewis M Koppel '62
William B (Bill) Krantz '61
Donald H Kubicek '61
Aron Kuppermann '61
Ronald F Lambert '63
Graham Leadbetter '62
James T Lee '61 Beta Theta
Charles M Leir '64
Franz Mairinger '63
John A Matuska '63
Richard A Meinzer '61
Richard Middaugh '61
Frank B Miles '61

Brian W Moores '64
Richard A Muesing '63
Edward J Nemeth '61
Marion O'Leary '63
Robert Ning '64
Richard A Palmer '61
David A Payne '62
Mathew R P Perrone '63
William F (Bill) Pickens '62
James A Plambeck '61
Keith F Purcell '62
Douglas L Relyea '61
Michael F Rettig '64
Prince Rivers '62
Thomas G Sanders '64
George F Scheele '58
Michael Schneider '65
Anton F Schreiner '64
Keith R Shelton '62 Alpha Kappa
Edward O Sherman '59
M Anwar Shinwari '61
John A Spencer '65
Bruce E Stangeland '61
John F Temple '61
Romeo T Toledo '64
Manuel A Torrens '61
Richard S (Rich) Treptow '63
Paul Tschampel '60
Peter C Van Der Voorn '62
Jerry Wuller
Jon M Yatabe '61
David L Zellmer ''65

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