Chemical Engineering - Eric Baer

I moved with Baer to Case Institute (Cleveland, OH) after the year at U of I, received a doctorate in Polymer Science, and then worked for Dow Chemical (Midland MI) until 1974. A move to Firestone (Akron) was followed by one to Raybestos (Stratford, CT) to formulate asbestos-free brake materials for passenger cars and light trucks. Trading ACS, AIChE, and SPE memberships for SAE worked out fairly well, and I feel I made some contributions both to the industry and to SAE. I moved from CT to Georgia to Winchester, KY and wound up with the same company under another name. Won't bother you with all the corporate ins and outs, but the friction materials industry is a trifle volatile. Retired in 2006.

On the personal side, I married in 1968, divorced in 1989, and remarried in 2001 to a woman I first met while at Case. I have a daughter in Illinois and 5 step-children in the midwest, Boston, and Zambia.

Thanks to Jack and Larry for the effort to keep us together. As I looked over the bio's I was struck by how many wound up at Berkeley. Sad news for a Stanford grad.

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