I received a BS in Chemistry degree from Univ. of Illinois in January 1966. I was also a member of the AXE fraternity but did not live at the house. I received a Ph.D. degree from Brown University in Physical Chemistry (actually more like Chemical Physics) under the direction of Robert Cole in 1972. I then taught Physics from 1973 to 1978 at Bennington College . In January 1978, I decided to join General Electricís Capacitor Products Dept. in Hudson Falls, NY and then left in 1993 to join Steinerfilm, Inc., a small privately owned company as Technical Manager. Steinerfilm produces metalized film for the capacitor industry and is located in Williamstown, MA. I am still employed with no immediate plans to retire.

I have been married to Kathy for 42 years and have three sons and three grandchildren. We still live in Bennington, VT, as I have been able to commute to all my jobs over the years.

It has been years since I visited the U of I campus, but I keep up with some news through the Chemistry Dept. newsletters.

Stan Cichanowski
2298 Monument Ave
Bennington, VT 05201

(802) 442-6572 home
(413) 458-9525 x111 work


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