Received from Peter Van Der Voorn, November 2013: "We received a call from Marlene Feldt on Saturday to tell us that Ray passed away on October 31. As you know he was diagnosed about 7 years ago with Frontal Temporal Dementia (FTD). He died peacefully and without pain. Of course, it is a loss for the family but he had little quality of life.

"When we saw him three years ago at home he recognized us although his speech was already quite limited. He was in a nursing home in Colorado Springs for about 18 months. For the last three months he was bedridden and had lost a lot of weight. He did still recognize his family. When it became apparent that he did not have long to live Marlene and her son David who lives with her debated whether to take his grandson Nathan to see him. They decided to leave it up to him. They did visit and when Nathan sat on the bed Ray reached out to him to take his hand, something he had not done for some time."

Ray Feldt



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