I have, over the last few years, tried to locate Charles Flynn. In surfing the Internet, I found that he had been associated with Stan Anderson (University of Illinois in Chemistry, 1969 under Dr. Drago; I found Stan doing some research, on sabbatical, in Mike Bowers lab at UCSB), who offered this short bit of information about "Chuck":

"Chuck passed away in the mid 90's after working many years for the USGS based in Reno. I do not remember the exact date. He was quite the expert on the thermodynamics of metal oxides and related minerals. His "dinosaur" of reference materials on punch/sort cards continued to grow. Too bad he did not computerize his database. I suspect a lot of his work is buried in USGS reports.

"We kept in contact over the years and I was able to follow his career. He did visit me in Santa Barbara once in the late 80's and I took him to UCSB to renew acquaintance with Bill Palke and Peter Ford, who were classmates of his at Cal Tech.

"He was an unusual, gifted guy, who always was able to rise above his physical disabilities and lead a productive life. In the end I think it was "O2" that got him."


Stan Anderson
Professor of Chemistry
Westmont College
Santa Barbara, CA

I subsequently received this message from Mike Pope (who is at Georgetown):

"I have just returned from a 4-week trip with no easy access to email, to find your correspondence with Dick Weiss. You may have already learned about Chuck Flynn by now. I am sorry to report that he passed away some years ago ( I cannot recall exactly when, but it was certainly pre 9/11). He was a postdoc with me in the 1970's, then at UVa, and finally for several years with the USGS in Reno, Nevada. As you will recall Chuck had a number of health problems, but he visited us in DC a few years before his death.

"I am sorry to have to convey this sad news."


Mike Pope

I hope this helps...

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