Postdocotoral Fellow - Italy

Alessandro Galli graduated in Organic Chemistry from the University of Florence, Italy in July 1962. Fellow of the National Science Foundation joined the research group of Dr. Reynold C. Fuson at the University of Illinois (Noyes Lab). He lived in the Zeta House throughout his stay in Urbana-Champaign (Sept. 1962-Aug. 1963): Bill Pickens and M. Heidari were two of his roommates.

Back in Italy, he was appointed as Researcher in Endocrinology of the C.N.R.(National Research Council) in Rome. He moved to the Department of Preclinical and Clinical Pharmacology of the University of Florence in 1973. At present he is Associate Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology in the School of Pharmacy of the same University.

Research field: neuropharmacology.

He got married (Anna) in 1970 and has two daughters (Francesca, 29 and Benedetta, 27).

Alessandro invites you to visit his department's web site. He also thought you might like to "tour" the the official Web Site of the Galleria degli Uffizi in Florence.

Alessandro Galli
Via dei Caboto, 57
50127-Firenze, Italy

+39 055430217


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