Undergraduate - Chemistry

I left Illinois with a BS in Chemistry in 1965. From there I went to the University of Wisconsin, and joined the John Willard group studying the 185 nm photochemistry of iodine in hydrocarbons. At Wisconsin, I met and married Cheryl Ann Patton, ( M.S. Speech Pathology, 1967). After completing a PhD in 1970, we went on to Germany where I had a fellowship at the Max Planck Kohlenforschung Institut in Mulheim-Ruhr working on vacuum UV photochemistry and ion-molecule reactions of silanes. In 1971 our first child, Sarah Anne, was born in Mulheim. We returned to the US in 1972 for a temporary appointment teaching physical chemistry at Northeastern University in Boston. In 1973, we moved to Waynesboro, VA and a job with DuPont in Lycra(R). In Waynesboro, our second child, Erich, was born in 1973.

I had a wonderful career with DuPont which took me from Waynesboro VA, to Wilmington DE, to Corpus Christi Texas, to Orange Texas and finally back to Wilmington. I had the opportunity to try my hand at research, plant technical work, manufacturing, business management, Corporate Planning, and Technical management in a number of great businesses including: Lycra(R), Petrochemicals, nylon, nuclear materials, Freon(R), and Teflon(R). I stayed with DuPont for 29 years and retired early at the end of 2001 as Global Technology Director for DuPont Fluoroproducts. Since I was not really ready to retire, I formed my own consulting business, Glasgow Consulting, LLC, working on helping companies identify and monetize underutilized technologies. I am still working closely with DuPont on several potential new business ventures, two of which have achieved some degree of reality: Aspect, LLC, a company dedicated to making silk analog proteins in genetically modified microorganisms and a yet-to-be-named venture to commercialize novel fluoropolymer lubricants for use in sporting and industrial applications.

Cheryl's career involved working with learning disabled and emotionally disturbed children, first in Texas and later at the Centreville School in Centreville, Delaware. Cheryl's main interest has been language development and assessing language readiness in young children. She published the American version of the "The Bus Story" a diagnostic tool for teachers to assess language skills of pre-school and elementary students. Cheryl retired in 1999 to spend more time with the grandchildren and pursue other interests. She recently published a book on Stone Harbor, NJ and is working on a second book about the houses and people of the Philadelphia Main Line.

Our daughter Sarah Jordan, and her husband Jody operate a contracting business in nearby Landenberg, PA and are experiencing the challenges and rewards of raising three very active and delightful children: Alyssa 8, Joshua 4, and Justin 1. Our son Erich is a biologist working as a plant quarantine officer for the USDA at JFK airport in New York.

Our favorite shared leisure activities are: grandchildren, travel, reading, and collecting old books. Both Cheryl and I are enrolled in the University of Delaware Academy for Lifelong taking courses in history, literature and art appreciation. In addition I am hooked on exercising, flyfishing, music (mostly jazz) and stamp collecting while Cheryl is deeply interested in Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury group, art, and architecture.

We currently divide our time between Wilmington Delaware and Litchfield Beach S.C. We often wonder whether we will ever really retire and, if so, where we will settle. In any event, we expect to be around Wilmington for the next few years and would love to hear from any of the wild and crazy group from the ΑΧΣ house. Some immediate remembrances as I write this note: two inebriated brothers dueling with the brass ash trays in the living room, receiving reprimands from Chuck Flynn for my inappropriate blasphemous behavior while serving as a waiter in the ΑΧΣ dining room, great late-night discussions on God and the meaning of life with Mike Bowers, drinking large amounts of lab alcohol flavored with grape juice and occasionally a pinch of benzene, firing off home-made zinc/sulfur rockets and setting the lawn on fire, and many hours shot, literally, with Ron Lambert and others on the house pool table. Great memories that seem at once so close and yet so distant.

I got tired of retirement and took a job with Corning in Corning NY as Director of Organic Technologies in the Corporate Research Laboratory. You would think that 30 years of corporate life with DuPont would be enough!

With best regards,

Lou and Cheryl Glasgow

Louis C Glasgow
10702 Skyline Drive
Corning NY 14830



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