I have once again visited the 1964 Zeta web page and decided to email my life's story. I received a letter from Jack Berger in December 2000 and responded by email; however, for some reason it never was transmitted. I don't remember the occasion of the picture that was taken in 1964; but it sure included a bunch of handsome men ready to conquer the world.

After graduating from the University of Illinois, I went back to my home state of Texas to work in the chemical industry. I worked for the next 33 years for several large chemical companies primarily in the polyethylene and polypropylene areas and the last 25 years in various technical management positions. My job assignments included working in Lake Charles, La; Greenwich, CT; Edison, NJ; Cincinnati, OH; and in Freeport, Texas City, Alvin, and Houston, Texas (these were in between the other assignments). I finally moved back to the Houston area in 1991.

I retired in December 1998 from the chemical industry. I am currently working for Continental Airlines (still employed as of today). This may seem like an unlikely end to a chemical career, but I worked for Mobil Polymers International (a division of Mobil Chemical / Mobil Corporation; Exxon/Mobil, ...) in charge of their world-wide polymers technical service efforts and traveled extensively for years all over the world. Planes got into my bloodstream or as a colleague once said: "Johle has an airplane seat strapped to his butt!!". I still enjoy traveling.

I have been married for the past 31 years and have two children: a daughter 27, and a son 24.

Richard Johle
1414 Lofty Maple Trail
Kingwood, TX 77345 (a suburb of Houston)



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