Undergraduate - Chemical Engineering

Vita Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering, University of Illinois, January, 1962 (I didn't live at the ΑΧΣ house, but had dinner every Monday night and really enjoyed all the parties. I married Virginia Wesoloski at the beginning of our senior year, but I required an additional semester to finish. Doctor of Science, Chemical Engineering, Washington University, Saint Louis, June, 1966. Started as Senior Development Engineer at the A. E. Staley Company, Decatur, Illinois, September, 1965. Was Director of Composite Materials Development when I left Staley in May, 1987 to become Vice President/Research and Development at Grain Processing Corporation, Muscatine, Iowa. Retired from GPC June 30, 2000 and now do ad hoc consulting.

I was elected to the National Academy of Engineering, Bioengineering Section, in 1993, which was probably the highlight of my career. I'm active in that organization, and occasionally serve on NRC committees. I'm also active in Rotary International, a world wide service organization. I'm a 26 handicap player-of-golf (can't be called a golfer) but intend to improve on that now. I quit smoking and started running in 1973, ran in many 10K's half marathons and the "Bix" in Davenport, and ran two marathons in 1980. My back recently forced me to bike and use the orbital machine for exercise now. I also race a Lightning sailboat, but will likely trade that in for a larger, cruising craft when we get to North Carolina, where we have a house under construction.

The "we" part includes my wife of 40 plus years. We have four children and four grandchildren. Daughter Joyce and husband Lou Feirens live near Pontiac, MI and have two daughters (7 and 2 yrs.). Daughter Janis and husband Paul Dolan live in San Diego, CA and have a son (4) and a daughter (2). Daughter Jolene is single and a graduate student at U Mass, Amherst. Son Jay is single and an army intelligence officer in Wiesbaden, Germany. Hopefully we will be in our house in Albemarle Plantation, Hertford, NC by the end of May. When we are, I'll forward our address, so you brothers can come and visit. We'll have plenty of room and a well stocked bar.

Don Johnson
29 Cape Fear Drive
Hertford, NC 27944-9218

(252) 426-6499


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