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William B. Krantz was born on January 27, 1939, in Freeport, Illinois, U.S.A. He received a B.A. in chemistry in 1961 from Saint Joseph's College in Indiana, a B.S. in chemical engineering in 1962 from the University of Illinois-Urbana, and a Ph.D. in chemical engineering in 1968 from the University of California-Berkeley. He is a registered Professional Engineer. From 1968-1999 he was a Professor of Chemical Engineering and a Research Fellow in the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research at the University of Colorado. In 1999 he accepted the Rieveschl Ohio Eminent Scholar Chair in Membrane Technology at the University of Cincinnati where he established and served as Director of the NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Membrane Applied Science and Technology, NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates Site Program, and NSF Integrative Graduate Research Education and Traineeship Program. He is now an Emeritus Professor at both the University of Colorado and the University of Cincinnati.

He has had visiting faculty appointments at Istanbul Technical University (Turkey, 1974-75); the University of Essex (England, 1975); Aachen Technical University (Germany, 1981-82); the University of Notre Dame (1985); Oxford University (England, 1988-89); the Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore, 1989); the University of Twente (Netherlands, 1995-96); Chevron Oil Company (California, 1996); the 3M Company (Minnesota, 1996); the Australian National University (2003 & 2005); and the National University of Singapore (2004 & 2005) and Nanyang Technological University (Singapore, 2004).

His professional activities include service as a Program Director at the National Science Foundation (1977-78); the Middle East Area Advisory Committee for the U.S. Council for the International Exchange of Scholars (1977-80); the Publications Board of Chemical Engineering Education journal (1977-84); Chairman of the National Interfacial Phenomena Technical Program Committee of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (1984-87); President of the Southwestern and Rocky Mountain Division of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (1993-94); and the Editorial Board for Arctic and Alpine Research journal (1991-99).

He has been awarded three Fulbright (1974, 1981, 1988), NSF-NATO (1975), and Guggenheim (1988) fellowships. His honors include Special Achievement and Outstanding Performance Awards from NSF (1978); the Westinghouse Award (1980), Rocky Mountain Section Outstanding Teaching Award (1998) and Chemical Engineering Division Dow Lectureship Award (2003) of the American Society for Engineering Education; designation as a Sigma Xi National Research Lecturer (1984-86) and as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (1984); the Innovation in Coal Conversion Award of the Pittsburgh International Coal Conference (1987); the Research Excellence Award of the College of Engineering at the University of Colorado (1988); the Excellence in Research, Scholarly, and Creative Work Award of the Boulder Faculty Assembly of the University of Colorado (1995); the John Wesley Powell Lectureship Award (1995) and Presidentís Award (1999) of the American Association for the Advancement of Science; nomination to the Academy of Fellows of the American Society for Engineering Education (1999); and the Malcolm E. Pruitt Award of the Council for Chemical Research (2004). He has received many awards for teaching excellence at the University of Colorado, which include the Teaching Recognition Awards given by the Student Development Association (1972), the College of Engineering (1979), and the Boulder Faculty Assembly (1986). In 1990 he received a lifetime appointment as a Presidentís Teaching Scholar at the University of Colorado.

His research interests include membrane formation and process design, materials processing in low-gravity, global climate change, self-organization in geophysical systems, and biomedical engineering. He is the editor of three research monographs, the author of over 180 technical papers, and co-inventor on six patents.

I am twice retired from academia at this point in my career, once after 32 years on the faculty at the University of Colorado and then again after 5 years on the faculty at the University of Cincinnati. After "retirement" I held a faculty position at the National University of Singapore for three years. I then accepted a visiting faculty position at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore where I am involved in research in the Singapore Membrane Technology Center. I spend about half the year in Singapore and the other half between living in Boulder Colorado and San Diego.

UPDATE: I am still alive (I think!) and living between Boulder Colorado, San Diego California and Singapore. I continue to work on research in membrane science and technology in the Singapore Membrane Technology Center at Nanyang Technological University. This marks my 8th year of working in Singapore. My wife and I continue to enjoy good health, which indeed makes our active life style possible for us. Regards to my AXE Brothers!

Bill Krantz
3475 Whitfield Ave
Cincinnati, Ohio 45220



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