We recently received this email from Jim Lee:

I am the James T. Lee you are looking for. I did my PhD at Illinois and left there in 1968. I subsequently did my MD at Minnesota and also General Surgery training there. I recently took early retirement after 24 years on faculty at Minnesota and staff at Minneapolis VA Medical Center.

I had plenty of significant others but never married, except you could say, after 4 years at 3M Company in St. Paul, I was married to surgery for 24 years. I recently took early retirement at age 59. Enough blood, enough getting up in the night, enough politics. But there is still excitement: I did start skydiving at age 57 (see photo page!).

I was just recalling the local horror movie show on Urbana TV that we watched in the AXE house basement once a week. Some of us would sit on chairs that were put up on the dining tables. Once I stood up suddenly in response to a particularly funny piece on the TV, and rammed my head vertically into the ceiling very firmly. Perhaps that explains my need to jump out of perfectly good airplanes as an "old man".

I am interested to see how varied and successful the careers have been for all the old gang from West Ohio street.

James T. Lee, MD,PhD
Professor of Surgery (ret.)
Univ of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55455
651 225 0967
FAX 651 225 0967

James T.Lee, MD
PO Box 11679
St Paul MN 55111

612 850 4672 (cell phone)
651 225 0967 (FAX)


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