Postdoctoral Fellow, Physical Chemistry - Gutowsky

Yes I am the "Franz Mairinger" who attended the U of I in Urbana ( Phys. Chem.Dep., Prof. Gutowsky) in the years 1962/63 and I was initiated 1962 into the Alpha Chi Sigma fraternity. I had a room at the fraternity house and took my meals there. I have still a pleasant memory of my stay. 1968 I changed my original field (NMR) for my former hobby (art history) and left the technical University Vienna and changed to the Academy of fine arts. I retired 1998, but I am still engaged in (2) reserach projects at the technical University. I am mainly concerned with the technical examination of paintings and mediaeval manuscripts.

Of course I am interested to join you on the Internet, you will find my CV below. I am looking forward to further contacts with old (and nearly forgotten) friends.

Yours, Franz

1930 - Born in Schaerding/Inn, Upper Austria
1948 - Immatriculation University of Vienna (Philosophical Faculty) major Chemistry, (Physics)
1955 - Start of PhD thesis (electrochemistry in nonaqueous solvents) Prof. V. Gutmann, Technical University of Vienna (Inst. for Inorganic and General Chemistry),
1961 - PhD, University of Vienna, Assistant at the TU Vienna
1962/63 - Research Associate at the Department of Physical Chemistry, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana/Ill. (Prof. Gutowsky), member of AXE
1964/67 - Head of Department of magnetic Resonance Methods at the Inst. for Inorganic and General Chemistry, TU Vienna
1966 - Lecturer for Color Science, Color Chemistry at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
1967 - Full Professor and Director of the Institute for Color Science, Color Chemistry and Material Science in Art at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
1976/84 - Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
1977/82 - Vice President of the Austrian Rectors Conference
1984/86 - Prorector of the Academy of Fine Arts
1996/98 - again elected as Prorector of the Academy
1998 - Emeritus

Author of about a hundred papers, 2 books (1977, 2003), 2 book contributions (2001, 2004)

Married, 4 children, 5 grandchildren

Franz Mairinger
Dapontegasse 12/16,
A-1030 Wien, Austria

Telephone and FAX:
(0043 1) 714 81 74


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