Inorganic Chemistry - Russell S Drago

I'm a little slow getting around to communicating, but I appreciate what you and Jack are doing with the site and regular communications.

Vital statistics:

1. Retired - Director of Technology - Energizer (aka Eveready Battery Company).

2. Still married to #1 - Karen - met and married while at first job - faculty, Department of Chemistry, University of Kansas (1964-75).

3. Got bored with academic life - temporized at Northeastern University (visiting faculty and staff scientist), in Boston, 1976-78.

4. One daughter, Marian, graduated from Allegheny College, Meadville, PA. Married Carlos Vasquez.

5. One grandson, Alex, was four years old January 31, 2002, makes it all very worth while, living 2 miles from us.

Quite by accident, my career turned me into an electrochemist, a battery scientist, and an R&D manager after 11 years on the Chemistry faculty at the University of Kansas. After 26 years in industry, I retired from Energizer Battery near the end of 2004, and have been enjoying retirement with a loss of blood pressure, weight, and cholesterol. Two grandsons living two miles from me keeps me in touch with the future of humanity. Retirement has also occasioned paying more attention to our house, with a minor fortune spent on keeping it from leaking, or otherwise falling down. Some part-time consulting has been keeping the chemical juices flowing, too. I've appreciated Jack Berger's attempts to keep us in touch.


Richard Middaugh
224 Cornwall Road
Rocky River, OH 44116-1627



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