Inorganic Chemistry - Theron S Piper

We found Richard Palmer and he responded "Thanks for your note. Yes, I did join the Zeta Chapter in 1961, and I was very grateful that they took me in that previous fall when my other housing arrangements fell through. I remember my time in the ΑΧΣ House that year ('60-'61) with great fondness. I moved out the next year but stayed connected. Ted Brown invited me to give a seminar at the Beckman Inst. about 8 years ago, and I had a chance to visit some of the old haunts including 606 Ohio St.; seemed in pretty good shape."

Richard invites you to visit his website at the University Duke University Department of Chemistry; check it out! In addition, he invites you to review his CV for more details about his career.

Richard A Palmer
Department of Chemistry, Duke University
Box 90354
Durham, NC 27708-0354

(919) 660-1539


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